Many cosmetics products are designed separately, but they become collected in the form of kit .Makeup kit contain products items together like, a single kit contain eye shades, blush-on, mascara, eye/lip liner, concealer or other desirable cosmetics use for grooming. Consumer purchase separately makeup products. To avoid this thing, they buy kit having important items together in it for easy to carry in bags. Makeup kits in Pakistan are the useful costumer demands and they made with different shapes and sizes. If these kits are large or heavy in size, costumers will find them inconvenient. Companies designed kits especially by the customer demands. A product likes eyeshadow and blush-on are often use together. Most women carry eye shadow kits in their purse, but will often not bother to carry eyeliner and mascara. However, if an eye makeup kit design to be in convenient shape and contains eye makeup items together, women carry these kits easily. A cosmetic kit comprising of two or more compartments, as the important or basic items of makeup are present in it. Today’s the most important kits are eye makeup kits, blush-on or highlighter kits, lip-gloss or lipstick kits with mirrors. However, for full-face makeup, the important items are combine and form a single makeup kit for easy to use and for easy to carry by women.


Professional makeup set had a great demand all over the world. Beauty Parlors use professional makeup for brides. Makeup sets had different ranges based on the brands. Makeup sets have different types like;

Simple makeup set

Glitter makeup set

Matte makeup set

Costumers try a makeup first by testing product directly on the surface of skin, which one is suitable for their skin type. Now these tests confirmed by using the sample kits of the brands, so that the whole set become useable and protect from any risk. The packaging of makeup set formed by sheets of polymers. In a best makeup set all items are beautifully organize. Everyone loves the feeling of first makeup set! We know the real costumer demands. Our product beauty aims to get you exactly what you need according to taste and price point. Look at all of the makeup essentials before you start shopping, which brand set is suitable for you. Our makeup products contain all necessary items and make a best makeup set in Pakistan for selling.

Following items are necessary in a single makeup set:

Skin primer


Setting powder


Contouring palette

Eyeshadow kit


Basic lipstick palette

Brow kit

Eye/lip liner

Spray or serum fixer




It seems to be difficult to choose makeup products and collect them. Many branded products had a great demand in worldwide. Different varieties of makeup products are available in markets, which are of good quality and affordable. Online makeup collection in Pakistan also had a great demand because all the national and international brands advertise and sell their products by online methods. Makeup collection is as much difficult as you choose a beautiful and good quality other type of things. Many makeup brands marketed, so it is a huge problem to buy only single brand product. Makeup kits, makeup palettes, makeup sets, facial kits are all the collections of makeup.

These are the other basic things used as a makeup product or tool necessary in collection of makeup:

Tweezers, Eyelash curler, Scissors, Sharpener, Spatula, Stainless Steel, Cotton Swabs, Cotton Rounds, Face wash, Moisturizer, Tissues, Lip balm, Cleansers / Toners, Makeup remover, Makeup Wipes, Brush Cleaner, Towel, blenders any many more things are used. In Pakistan, online stores and shopping malls all products are available. However, it is difficult to reach everything in a single shop. Therefore, it is easy to buy online for searching method on different websites, available in online stores. Different brands and stores have different makeup collections in Pakistan.


Foundation is the basic part of makeup to change the skin tone. Most foundations are available in cream or liquid form for fair to dark skin tones. Human skin colors had a wide variety of types and they can be determine by pigment. If you prefer liquid foundations, then it contains three different shades .One is ivory, second is medium tone and third is dark shade. In the form of palettes, foundation makeup in Pakistan had different shade cards available with codes or numbering to choose the best kit for your skin. Foundations apply on the face to uniform or brighten the skin tone, to cover flaws like fine lines and dark spots. Some foundations act as moisturizers, sunscreen and astringent. First, you need to look at your skin type because many types of foundations are out there. Some of them are discuss below based on skin color and type:

LIQUID FOUNDATION (can me medium to full coverage, for oily or dry skin)

POWDER FOUNDATION (light coverage, matte finish, for clear or oily skin)

TINTED MOISTURIZER (light coverage, moisturizing, for dry skin)

MINERAL FOUNDATION (completely natural, flawless light coverage, for sensitive skin)

STICK FOUNDATION (buildable coverage, act as concealer, for normal skin)

MOUSSE FOUNDATION (flawless coverage, matte finish, for normal to oily skin)

CREAM FOUNDATION (full coverage, flawless skin tone, for oily skin)


Lip liner is also a cosmetic product having a gradient shades. Lip liner also called as lip pencil and are thus use to outline the lips. Lip liners made up of oils and waxes. Lips are the beautiful visible part of human body. It is one of the sensitive part and more melanin present in it. The shape of upper and lower lip is different from each other. To look attractive and gorgeous, shape them carefully in a beautiful manner by using lip pencils. These are available in all colors. They used to give the entire look to looks before or after applying lipsticks, in some cases lip liner apply as a lipstick on its own. Lip pencils give the smoother shapes and fill the uneven areas of lips. Most women likes the darker lip pencils with light lipsticks but some likes the same contrasts of both. They are lead free pencils because the lead containing pencils darkens the lips. Lip liner in Pakistan are available with different shades and types. You can purchase from online or beauty supply stores. You may buy according to your skin tone or match to the lipstick you have. Pick a liner, which gives neat and clean application to your lips. Lip pencil sharpens before use to keep a crisp point and prevent from bacteria.


Before starting makeup, face primer is the initial item of makeup put on face. Facial primer improves the hyperpigmentation and photo-aging parameters like fine lines. The key ingredients in facial primers are zinc and titanium oxide, which shows sunscreen activities. Use of foundation and concealer is to cover the hyperpigmentation but it may fail to some extent and cause dull grey coloration to the skin. Primer is use as a base correction product to even out the skin tone. It minimizing the pores, cover or remove wrinkles and helping makeup to stay put for a long time. Primers protect the skin from clogged and allow you to use less foundation. Therefore, the heavy makeup look being solve. Aloe vera gel is a natural face primer. It is cheap, effective and smoothens the skin. Face primer in Pakistan had a great demand in beauty salons to look gorgeous, shiny. Best face primers good for skin pigments and offer complexion benefits. As all other products are manufacture by skin types, face primer also made up of different types by different brands.

  1. Poreless face primer
  2. Luminous primer
  3. Matte primer
  4. Oil control primer
  5. Hydrating primer mist


If we cover a bald spots on eyebrows, the brow powder and pencil both are best to cover-up this issue. To choose the pencil or powder color, first look at your eyebrow shade then select shades from cosmetic set. Pencil makes it easy to draw hair like strokes that blend right with natural hairs in a powdery, matte finish. These pencils used to fill and define the eyebrows. Brow powder is the best makeup product to look naturally. They are often use as brown, blonde and black shades. Brows can thin with age and look much older than you are. Eyebrow powder kit are also available in online stores and markets. The eyebrow pencil designs with fine and sharp shapes. After putting foundation and eye makeup, women apply eyebrow powder or use eyebrow pencil for awesome look. We launch a new designed eyebrow makeup in Pakistan to look younger. Our product contains special ingredients which stick easily and look natural when apply on eyebrows. It may available as waterproof, in gel form or in powder form. Eyebrow make also available in mascara, pomade, gel and wax in formulation.


Blush makes an outstanding look to your face especially to your cheeks. Pick the color of blush, which give you a natural look. Do not use bright or heavy colors; these can make your look horrid.

Blush is used to give a healthy glow and a shine to cheekbones to look flawless. It is an important part of women’s makeup to look attractive, shiny and sparkly. So the wrong choice of makeup can lead to getting a streaky and clownish look. The top best blush in Pakistan are.

NARS Orgasm Blush: It is a transparent pigment. It gives a soft and sheer look. Is this type of blush is the amazing and ultimate design. Use for any kind of skin tone to look natural and give a healthy glow. It has a wide range of colors.

E.L.F Mineral Blush: It is the best of daily use and completely matte. For an intense look, it can use in a layer. It is long lasting for the next five hours and easy to remove.

Lancôme Blush Subtil: it gives a beautiful coverage to the cheekbones. It has a creamy texture which gives a shiny, silky and shimmery look. This blush does not like powdery and can wear all day.

M.A.C Mineralize Blush: This product contains minerals that gives a smooth and sheer look. Without heavy coverage, it provide an exceptional look because it is lightweight.



Pakistan is a diverse country with various skin colors of human beings. Generally, they are dark sand or light brown. Women in Pakistan are fonder of having a white skin tone. So they tend to buy those foundations, which will make their skin tone whiter than they originally have! Pakistani women wear some kind of desi makeup products as we all know about the hotness of weather in Pakistan. Therefore, women prefer those products, which can stand on their face for longer hours. Pakistan is full of colors so women here prefer colorful lipsticks and makeup palettes. This will make their look brighter. No makeup look is the least found one! Face makeup in Pakistan

Thus, Pakistan women are colorful, so they prefer more blush, dark lipsticks, shiny highlighters and foundations that will make them look brighter and glory. Moreover, to add more spark Pakistani women enhance their face beauty with perfect contouring which enhances their features. They change their looks with a sharp nose and jawbone. Eye makeup has also an essential part in completing her makeup look. Face makeup exact effects on your skin but overall, their main purpose is to keep your skin looking smooth and fresh all day long. Regardless of your skin type, there is a makeup for you, whether you are looking for a formula to control oil or acne, moisturize, smooth out uneven texture, color, etc.



Makeup box is the most important for any girl.

Following are some basic important things a makeup box in Pakistan should have, they are also relating to Pakistan’s weather conditions:




3-beauty blender

4-foundation (According to skin tone)


6-compact powder

7-contoring kit


9-Translucent powder

10-loose powder

11-blushing kit

12-After makeup spray

·         EYE PRODUCTs

1-eye concealer


3-Eye liner

4-eye shadow kit

5-shimmer kit

6-white pencil

7-brown pencil

6-kajal pencil

7-lash curler


1-eyebrow brush

2-brown eyebrow pencil

3-black eyebrow pencil

·         LIP PRODUCTS

1-lip pencils/liners



4-lip balm

·         BRUSHES

There are separate brushes for each purpose for eye, Eyebrow, Lips, blush, highlighter, Contouring, and other purposes. A good makeup kit should have products that can be used after makeup too. It should have a good makeup remover so that makeup is not absorb in your pores.

After that, you should have good cleanser to deeply clean your pores and in the end, you should use a good moisturizer. Use of primer should be necessary as it covers your face completely and to some extent do not allow the makeup to get into your pores. It also helps your makeup to stay for longer hours. Use of after makeup spray is also important as it adds glow to your face. These makeup boxes had a great demand for wedding purposes in Pakistan and bestowed the makeup products upon their bride by packing in beautiful boxes.



Lip-gloss is a main product for women makeup; it looks like a sticky stuff. It can either used with lipstick or alone to getting a beautiful look. We are sharing our definitive guide on different lip colors favorite. SPF gives protection offer by many companies. Lip-gloss mostly used to moisturize lips in each seasons. Lip gloss in Pakistan is available in both colors and colorless form and having different flavors, which may enjoy the girls and play to make a pout for making selfie. Few types of lip-gloss are describing below:

«  Sheer lip gloss

Lip-glosses often provide a light color, or are clear; making them perfect for topping off a lipstick that packs a more colorful stroke.

«  Pigmented lip gloss

Lip glosses can be high pigmented too. Free of shimmer, but just as shiny as any other lip gloss. They provide bold color that is not quite as long lasting as a lipstick.

«  Shimmer lip gloss

Many glosses are shimmery. Packed with fine-milled shimmer or light shimmer gangling in different shades, this type of lip gloss was staple to use from earlier.

«  Glitter lip gloss

Shimmer and glitter are different things. Making for an extra sparkly lip, lip glosses also come with heavier glitter in the formula. Sparkles of glitters may be small or larger, added in the gloss.

«  Matte lip gloss

Matte trend is also trendy to look professional. Lip glosses and lipsticks are come in matte finishes in the market. Most women like matte makeup for jobs and parties to look graceful and elegant.



The most important part of makeup, which is use to conceal deficiency of the skin, is Concealer. Mostly concealers useful to remove scars, acne, dark circles and blemishes. It is mainly use according to skin tone. In the market, many types of concealers are available. Few concealers in Pakistan are describing below.

  1. L’Oréal Concealer: It is mainly use to cover blemishes and pigmentation of the skin. It makes a brightening effect and light coverage for fair skin and long lasting. It is called as blemishing concealer.
  2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer: It is mostly use for sensitive skin to feel heavy and covers dark skin. The advantage of this concealer is that it is light in weight and long-lasting for 16 hours and fruity It may be a liquid concealer.
  3. Clinique Concealer: It is mostly use for swelling eyes and smoothly cover dark circles. A small quantity is use for face and long lasting available in eight shades. It is known as pencil concealer.
  4. No7 Match Made Concealer: It is look like a creamy concealer and available in many shades. It can use for all skin tone and cover dark circles.
  5. Maybelline Concealer: It is use to cover imperfection of skin and look natural. Easy to apply and remove acne and blemishes. Long lasting and available in six shades. Stick concealer is one of the example.

Best concealer had a high demand in markets. A good concealer make a better result on face when a foundation and others makeup products stick better on it.



Makeup is not only the need of every women; men were also use many makeup products now a day. Whether you are a cosmetics beginner or trying different things with beauty care products for a considerable length of time, it is critical to have an assortment with cosmetics fundamentals that will permit you to make a go-to regular look. After obtaining the makeup basics, it is that much easier to add trendy makeup products to your collection and integrate them into your beauty looks.

Best makeup organizer in Pakistan can produce the sound you do not need, but it can save you time and space. If you constantly rummaging in purses and ruffled bags to find the most important cosmetics every day, just take your time for your morning makeup routine. If your makeup spread all over, it seems to take up more space and just looks dirty.

Make-up organizers can randomly access brushes, palettes, and other cosmetics. Once you know where each part of your makeup collection is located, no additional work is required to select the product you want. Organizers can help you narrow down your collections, encourage you to keep a product you use and throw away what you have not used in years, it expires.

Most standard makeup organizers are not that expensive, and since women spend about 15,000 rupees on beauty products in their lives. A decent organizer can save your cosmetic investment. Regardless of how much you care about your administrator, there is only a risk of makeup, electricity, housing or liquids left behind. You should always consider how easy it is to clean an administrator’s device. Organizers have a special design instruments that check the chemistry of makeup products to ensure that it can be useful or not for few years. In Pakistan the major thing to check the codes of chemical products. Is they Halaal or haram. Because Muslims did not use haram things



It seems that makeup palettes offer such a great amount of value for your money. You not sure how to use all shades of color in makeup palette, that’s why it is necessary to learn how to use these colors to get desired shades.

Here we share the best makeup palettes. In addition, how to use makeup palettes to create beautiful makeup’s look.

Eyeshadow Palette

As compared to other features on your face, your eyes look smaller. But actually, some areas where you can apply makeup to look your eyes bigger. Whichever eyes shape you want, you can use the full palette to change and beautify it.

Contour Palette

After the eyeshadow palette, we use the contour palette to figure out special facial features to look prettier.

Highlight Palette

As contour palette used for the perfection of a facial feature but also needs to glow your skin. So highlight palette used for a little bit glowing to your skin.

Blush Palette

In Blush palette, a wide range of colors are used but it cannot be used all of them at once. You can select to wear the blush shade alone or swirl the blush and highlighter together to give your cheeks a glowing.

Lip Palette

Lip palette having different color shades for lip glowing. This lip palette look can help to create the best illusion.


In this beauty era, you recognize that you have reached top adulthood once you have amassed a full variety of makeup brushes and know how to utilize every one effectively. Makeup brushes particularly made to focus on specific zones of the face. Therefore, if you pick one that is too huge or an inappropriate shape, it will not place the makeup where you need to apply it in a typical manner. It is stunning how much better your makeup can look just by utilizing the correct brushes. The brushes shapes maintain the direction of makeup you apply on different parts of your face.

Presently there are such a large number of extremely helpful sorts of makeup brushes out there, yet few out of every odd last one is important to your collection. This safe makeup brush manage covers the need-to-know basics. Furthermore, you realize which brushes benefit having in your collection and how to utilize them.

Types of Makeup Brushes

  1. Powder Brush
  2. Blush Brush
  3. Contour Brush
  4. Kabuki Brush
  5. Foundation Brush
  6. Fan Brush
  7. Concealer Brush
  8. Flat Eye Shadow Brush
  9. Eye Shadow Crease Brush
  10. Eyeliner Brush
  11. Brow Brush
  12. Lip Brush

These varieties of brushes used for different purpose and everyone has different sizes according to their uses.

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